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Crypto Good’s goal is to be community powered with the mission to onboard and equip crypto changemakers

Commitment to readers

  1. Only high signal content: We process the noise to derive signals for our readers to reflect and act upon. This also means we optimize for quality over quantity.

  2. Pragmatic over idealistic: We present an unbiased view, covering crypto’s social impact use cases and its potential from an analytical and objective lens.

Community powered

I founded CryptoGood in early 2021 as I saw immense potential is crypto and web3 for social impact. With new folks joining crypto every day we need a collective effort to build a knowledge hub for crypto changemakers. To bring people together I’ve started a Discord community for CryptoGood. Please join and contribute towards trend spotting, deep dives and curating resources.

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Ashish Arora
A wonderer in a world full of serious people :)
Designing web3 to be more inclusive